I'm makin' it real, folks!  Here it is!  Welcome to my blog.... my thoughts, my words....essentially the inner workings of my heart, laid out on a page for all the world to read!  (Yep, I said it, ALL THE WORLD!  Go big or go home!  Right?!)

This is honestly a dream come true.  For one, it's beautiful (Thank you, Ashley @ FloraPine Photography!) Beauty is a pretty big deal to me.  Not only does it give life to my soul, but it also reminds me that as a feminine image bearer, God himself has placed beauty in the core of my soul to release to the world around me.  (More on that later - MUCH MORE!)

It also feels like sacred space.  And if there's something that I know about, as a Christian counselor, it's sacred space.  I don't know how to design a website this gorgeous, but I know how to fill it with words.  Words that bubble up out from the depths of my soul....words that sometimes feel like they've been lit on fire by the Holy Spirit, and other times, words that feel like balm, or grief, or offerings, or simply creativity.

Inside of this beautiful, sacred space, I will offer up my life to you, the reader.  This is where The Jitters come into play.  It's pretty scary to put your life out for the masses to read and to either embrace or discard, or worse, to critique.  But my calling isn't one of showing up with what I already learned and then explain how you, too, can glean and grow from my successes.  Nope.  We're gonna walk it together.  And I'm going to forewarn you, there might be cussing.

We don't inhabit perfection. AND YET, Perfection inhabits us. 

And we don't believe it. 

As the late Brennan Manning once said, we're angels who love beer.

And sometimes we feel things we *shouldn't* feel.  And sometimes we say things we *shouldn't* say. And sometimes we get so lost in how things were supposed to be that we miss how things will One Day be....  And in the striving and the demanding, we lose track of the fact that He "bids us come and die and find that I may truly live" (Chris Tomlin, The Wonderful Cross).

And so, I extend my hand to you. Won't you join me?  I'd be thrilled!