It’s December 5th, there’s snow on the ground, and we put up our Christmas tree today.  We just meandered through Lindenwood Park in Fargo to see the vast Christmas lights display.  My husband is making yarn ornaments with the kids.  I’m sitting in my living room in my pajamas and slippers and a blanket on my lap, with the lights off and the Christmas tree lights on…one of my most favorite settings.

I love this time of year.  Don’t you feel just the slightest hint of magic in the air?  The lights, the decorations, the music that we only listen to during this season….all feels somewhat magical to me.

I hadn’t been able to put my finger on exactly what made it feel this way for me until just recently.  I’ve always loved Christmas; loved the break it offers us from the mundane, gives us something to focus on and celebrate other than ourselves.

But this year is different.  I figured out exactly why the season captivates me so.

It reminds me of Heaven.

Heaven is written into the DNA of my very being, and yours, too.  That’s why I know that this season reminds me of Heaven; it’s there inside of me.  Magical, ethereal, breath-taking, mesmerizing…intoxicating…these words linger in my mind like the taste of the last bite of the most delicious dessert I’ve ever eaten.

Heaven is my real home. I long for it.  I find myself so weary of our broken lives and I yearn for the day that I’ll be caught up in Jesus’ strong, sweet embrace.“Welcome home, my darling,” I imagine He will say as our eyes lock, “I’ve been waiting for you.” Then we will dance and laugh and enjoy each other’s love.  Finally Home.

And so, the other-worldliness of the season stirs my longings for my true country, my home where all will be made right, where love will never be withheld, where we will know and be fully known and it will feel so incredibly fulfilling.  We will be satisfied, at last, in our true country.

Could you allow yourself to be caught up in the twinkling lights, the breath-taking music, the memories of manger scenes and Christmas mornings?  Would you then look more deeply into those memories and into those lights and see the real magic they remind us of?  Could you let yourself be swept away by the intoxicating whisper of Heaven that they offer?  It’s what your soul really longs for.