As many have made the habit of doing, I have taken up the practice of adopting a word at the start of the new year as a focal point.  My word for 2016 was LOVE.  This year, I'm quite tempted to take on two words, because I can't decide which one I need more: REST or REMEMBER.

This week has been a week of laying low, sleeping, resting, and not pushing myself.  That's a rare thing, and it's felt SO incredibly good!  Granted, I've been sick, and haven't had the energy to do a whole lot, but I cancelled all my plans for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, and stayed in bed.  Stayed in bed!  It was glorious!  And I found that I wanted more.

So it's a must that REST is of utmost importance this year.  I've been feeling a movement of God stirring in my soul, and the distinct idea that it will not be fully brought about if I'm chasing after every little thing that comes my way.  My personality type wants to experience everything that life has to offer, to drink up each moment, to explore and live as fully as possible.  But this is not conducive to a God-focused life, which is what I MOST want.  If I am constantly filling up my hours with activities, even if they're great activities like classes and books and healthy eating and music, I'm not going to have the space in my heart to foster a growing relationship with Jesus.

When I began thinking about my word for the year, my initial focus was REMEMBER.  As human beings, we simply do not remember.  Remember what?  Who we are...who God is...what His heart is towards us...His promises to us.  As Ann Voskamp states (and I really wish I had coined this phrase myself!) we have 'chronic soul amnesia'.  So what do I want to remember?  I want to remember that Jesus wants me.  That there is NOW no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. That I have a Great High Priest who can sympathize with my struggles.  That I am a temple of the Holy Spirit - he makes His home in me.  That He is the God of MIRACLES, and that NOTHING is impossible with Him.  He cares.  He loves.  He sees. He is FOR me.

And so, as I lean into the end of the first week of 2017, I do it with a keen eye on my planner, and a quiet expectancy in my heart.  What will the year bring?  What will He do?  How will I have changed by the end of this revolution around the sun?  I'm eager to find out.