A country girl from small-town Iowa, I spent many of my early days wandering the green acres of my family's farm in search of beauty, unaware that even then, God was calling me to himself.  Looking for significance and worth, I was planning a life for myself as a musician until one day, at age 19, Jesus inserted himself in the small crack of a slightly open door in my heart.  A painfully worthwhile journey ensued, and he fought for my heart - a knight in shining armor (what I had been looking for my whole life), he proved himself to be faithful and true.

Fast forward twenty-some years. Life has quite often felt desolate and lonely, yet, this is where God has planted me: in the barren plains of life. I’m thankful he embedded the thirst for beauty in my soul early on.

The Lord has called me to come alongside others in their loneliness and pain, to offer relationship and hope, two of the most important ingredients in healing a soul.

I love words, and I love using them through writing or conversations that matter. It is my great desire that in these pages you might find hope, help, and the glorious realization that you’re absolutely not alone.

For many years, I’ve clung to Romans 4:17b: {He} gives life to the dead and calls into being things that were not (NIV). The supernatural power involved in that sentence draws me in, captivates my heart. Ever-seeking transformation and healing, I find a great source of hope in those words.