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If it Feels Like Your Marriage has Died

It felt like death. The stark realization that my marriage would never be the thing I wanted it to be.

The emotional intimacy…the romantic connection…the relaxed familiarity of a friend. It just didn’t seem possible. Instead of intimacy and connection, our reality was surface conversation, forgotten birthdays and anniversaries, and stony silence.

It was the death of my biggest dream. Marriage was what I had looked most forward to when I daydreamed about growing up.

And I thought it was over. I mean, once the feelings are gone, they’re gone, right?

But then I heard some words that changed my perspective, ever so slowly. Words, which, over the span of months, and even years, leaked into my soul, through the cracks of my hardened and broken heart. Words that don’t sound all that hopeful at first blush, but that have the power to change perspective if given a fair chance:

All natural love dies.

Honestly, I didn’t really get it. Sure, I knew that the...

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