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"Heather," he said, "your persona is ugly."

I was sitting across the table from Dr. Larry Crabb, just the two of us, eating a salad that I nearly choked on when the words escaped his lips.  At the time, I barely knew what he was talking about. I was both horrified and comforted to hear these words. I knew he meant them in love and for my good, and I trusted him.  But what I didn't know at the time was how right he was.

He illuminated a truth about me that I had never seen before.

If you're like me, and you've spent the better part of your life performing for acceptance, living without boundaries so that people learn they can rely on you (so they'd want you around), and focused more on what everybody else thinks of you than what God thinks of you, to you, I say, "Welcome."

And if you're tired of the game, of being stretched thin, of the emotional legalism, I say, "You've found your tribe."

In this course, ILLUME, I'll walk with you on the path to freedom in your relationships, honesty in your emotional world, and a solid understanding of your identity based on the freedom Christ died to give us.  

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"Looking bad in the presence of love releases our true identity."


Larry Crabb



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