Coming in January 2020! ILLUME: Shining the Light of the Gospel on Codependency

Dreading the Holidays?

The pressure to make everybody happy.  The feelings of guilt when you want to say no.  Fearing you'll disappoint someone no matter what you do. 

If these sound famliar, I've got some tips for restoring your sanity during the holidays when you're a people-pleaser. 

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Are you constantly looking outside of yourself for clues to your identity?

Codependence is sneaky. It twists our understanding of love and relationships. It convinces us that we are unworthy of love and must maneuver through life in order to get it.


Codependence doesn't have to rule your life.  My courses and teaching videos will help you examine your motives for making life work, and guide you in developing healthy boundaries and sense of self.


We aren't called to do this alone.  Be uplifted and encouraged by others who are going through it, too.  Our performance-based patterns are deeply ingrained and we need feedback to help us see ourselves clearly. 



That's me - I'm Heather. I am a champion of women owning their souls and rooting their identity deep in the heart of Jesus.  Codependence is a forfeiture of self.  But I'm here to say there is a better way.

Do you find that you're disappointed with most of your relationships?

Me, too.  Never feeling like I fit in, I developed ways to relating that I thought would gain me the love and acceptance I've always craved. I wanted to be seen as competent, intelligent, likeable and desirable.   I've discovered that the mask I wore was uglier than I ever realized.

There is freedom to be found.

When I read in Galatians 5 that It is for freedom that Christ has set us free, I am encouraged that those words are meant not just for Heaven, but also for now, in part.  I want to explore with you what it means to be free in Christ to be YOU.

Living from your true heart - the one that Christ died to give you - is the life we're all looking for. I invite you to join me on a journey of restoration - of the real YOU.


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